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Join us October 14 at Noon CST for a Webinar

As we all know, simulation is an integral part of product engineering as it provides valuable insight into the structure’s fitness and precision. This allows the engineers to make the right decisions whether to discard the entire structure, to make some changes, or to accept it as it is to move ahead with. It is of utmost importance to identify the manufacturing defects or accidental loadings to maintain the integrity of structures. The engineers perform the crucial task of scanning or imaging these structures using laser scan technology. Then they create a digital model or a clone of the structure and finally simulate it under various parameters to determine its strength and sustainability. The laser scan technology is used to convert the point-cloud data from the field into the digital form so that simulation techniques can be applied to that data to access the outcome under various loading scenarios.

The CATIA – Aesthetical Shape Modeler (FFS) extension provides specific surface modeling apps to achieve increased shape quality and precision. This is a multi-industry role that delivers a new level of surface quality, improving the final product’s perceived quality.

This webinar will show how to generate an accurate deformed surface from laser scan data using CATIA – With Special Reference to Facilities FFS.

Topics covered in the webinar:

  • Some modeling and surface creation capabilities in CATIA, with an emphasis on how to use that surface to perform fitness-for-service using nonlinear FEA in Abaqus
  • Accuracy of digital data
  • The value of connected engineering
  • The value of FEA from a simple cloud


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