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In the dynamic world of engineering, staying ahead with the latest software technology is crucial. As a leading reseller of Dassault Systemes’ high-end 3D simulation and modeling solutions, VIAS3D is committed to keeping our valued customers informed and prepared for industry changes. Today, we’re addressing the upcoming price adjustment of Dassault Systemes’ products and how it impacts you.

Price Increase Announcement:
Dassault Systemes, a renowned provider of 3D simulation and modeling solutions, has announced a 3% price increase on all their products, effective from July 1, 2024. We understand that such adjustments can be a concern, but it’s essential to recognize that this decision is influenced by market dynamics and cost structures.

Commitment to Innovation:
Dassault Systemes is dedicated to continuous innovation, investing 20% of their revenue back into research and development. This investment ensures that the software you rely on is always at the cutting edge, offering enhanced features and addressing emerging challenges in the engineering field.

Multi-Year Renewal Option:
To help our customers manage this change, VIAS3D is introducing a multi-year renewal option. This allows you to lock in current pricing for an extended period, ensuring cost predictability and shielding you from future price increases. It’s an opportunity to continue benefiting from Dassault Systemes’ advanced solutions at today’s prices.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Why is there a price increase for Dassault Systemes’ products?
A: The price increase is a result of changes in market dynamics and internal cost structures. It’s a strategic move to ensure continued investment in research and development, maintaining the high standard of their software solutions.

Q: How does the multi-year renewal option work?
A: The multi-year renewal allows you to commit to a longer contract at current prices, effectively avoiding the upcoming price increase. It’s a strategic way to manage software expenses while ensuring access to the latest technology.

Q: Who can I contact for more information about the price adjustment and renewal options?
A: Please reach out to our customer team at [email protected] for personalized assistance and to explore your options regarding the price adjustment and multi-year renewal.

At VIAS3D, we understand the importance of having reliable, cutting-edge software in the engineering industry. Despite the price increase, we remain committed to providing the best solutions and support to our customers. We encourage you to consider the multi-year renewal option to maximize value and maintain cost efficiency.

Interested in learning more about how these changes affect you and exploring your options? Visit for additional information and to connect with our support team. We are here to guide you through these changes and ensure your continued success with Dassault Systemes’ solutions.

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