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Energy & Materials Services

Heavy repetitive loads and long operational hours makes the equipment from the energy sector extremely vulnerable to wear and fatigue failure. In VIAS3D, over the years, we have provided solutions for detailed structural and fluid dynamics problems for multi-disciplined frameworks in the energy and materials industry. These solutions encompass efficiency improvement, design optimization, contact stress analysis, coupled single and multiphase flow analysis of conventional and non-conventional energy producing equipment and advanced electromagnetic analysis for performance optimization.


  • Power generation: Shaft, blade, gear, exhaust manifold, thermal crack
  • Fluid transfer system: Piping, storage tanks, pumps, valves, manifolds
  • Cooling system: Heat exchanger, cooling tower
  • Accident simulation: Blast analysis, fire safety, casing failure, oil-seal leakage
  • Wind Energy: Wind turbine tower, rotor blade, nacelle, gear box, braking system, shaft, blade hub


  • Wind Power: Wind turbine aerodynamics and aeroacoustics analysis
  • Oil & Gas: Subsea, capping stack, erosion analysis, gas flow through porous rocks, multiphase flows, offshore oil platforms
  • Solar Energy: Radiation analysis (solar panels, collectors, and chimney)
  • Hydropower: Pelton wheel, Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine


  • OEM: Power transformers, reactors, switchgear, circuit breakers, current limiters, insulators
  • Power generation and Optimization: Conventional and renewables (wind power, hydroelectric and tidal power, solar)
  • Equipment, manufacturing, and material test: Magnetic gears, sputtering, induction heating/hardening, Non-Destructive Test (NDT)
  • High energy sources: Particle accelerators, high power microwaves, klystrons for accelerators, gyrotrons, magnetic confined plasma
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