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EMAG Consulting Services

We offer a full suite of electromagnetic (EMAG) consulting services for clients that need quick turnarounds or lack the in-house EMAG expertise to handle advanced simulations. EMAG can help to solve design challenges without manual iterations or prototyping. Our experienced engineers can work with various types of engineering analysis problems such as:

  • Antenna & Antenna Array Design
  • Antenna Placement Analysis
  • MW & RF Components
  • Radome Design
  • Radar Cross Section ( RCS )
  • Filter Design
  • Biomedical, RadHaz and SAR modeling
  • Radiated Emission (RE) & Conducted Emission (CE)
  • SI/PI/EDA Analysis
  • Low Frequency/Electromechanical Devices/Electrical Machines/Magnet Design
  • Optical Components
  • RFID/IOT Devices
  • Accelerator Components/ Charge Particle Analysis
  • Sensors

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