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Electromagnetics (EMAG) and RF/Microwave is known to society since the 16th century when mariners observed that lightning strike has the ability to deflect a compass needle. In electromagnetism, the behavior of electromagnetic fields (E-Field and H-field) are governed by a set of Maxwell’s equation and electromagnetic force by Lorentz equation. The development of computers in the past four decades helps the evolvement of numerical electromagnetic computation and allows humankind to a virtual prototype of an imagined system. Electromagnetics has bought great value to society which can be experienced from microwave oven in the kitchen to MRI scan in hospital.

The concept of electromagnetics and microwave are used in different spheres of our life. The modern electric vehicle has dozens of sensors and antenna for communication and safety of the car and more generally road safety. Tumor treatment and planning can be done using hyperthermia which utilizes antenna for concentrated energy at the area of the human body for the elimination of tumors. The future innovations will incorporate EMAG in most of the products to make it smart and word SMART before its names, as we see for smartphones. When we say SMART, then it means “Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology”. In this segment, we have smart industries, smart education, smart food labels, smart health, smart city, smart cars, smart energy, smart home, and countless. It is a technology that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data analytics, and must be connected to the world at large. It is the technology that is going to change the future of the world we live in. The key enabling feature that makes it smart is the antenna in it for communication and other electronic circuitries.

SIMULIA CST Studio Suite with its tight integration with 3DEXPERIENCE  platform allows the development of different types of antenna for aerospace and defense, medical devices, precision manufacturing in industries, 5G antennas for smartphone and base stations.5G technology will be deployed in all industries segments such as energy and utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, automotive, media and entertainment, financial services, retail, agriculture. While 5G technologies come with lots of technical challenges such as high data rates, component density, many design variables, high complexity with two new frequency bands, and large scale differences. SIMULIA electromagnetics tools with conjunctions of other 3DS solutions like 3D experience platform for digital continuity and ISIGHT for optimization of products with many design variables helps 5G antenna designer and EMI/EMC compliance engineer to achieve virtual prototyping and providing complete technology throughout their product development lifecycle.

5G focused Industry Process Experience (IPE’s) from Dassault Systèmes aid 5G device manufacturers form integrated antenna engineering and certification, device EMC/EMI performance and certification, printed circuit board performance analysis.

Antenna Magus, the unique antenna design tool, which is also part of SIMULIA’s electromagnetic simulation portfolio, helps engineers quickly find the correct initial antenna or array type for a 5G device. Antenna Magus is a fully documented library of more than 400 designable antennas. When given frequency bands and a form factor, the software automatically generates a suitable design as well as a fully parameterized simulation model.

CST Studio Suite also enables compliance tests to be performed virtually such as electric fields inside the human body, cannot be physically measured and can only be characterized with simulation. CST Studio Suite comes with CATIA certified hand and head models which can be used for virtual SAR testing. This can help reduce the risk of late delivery or test failure and thus safeguard the substantial investment in 5G development.

With multiple antennas on a single device, co-site interference or co-existence between antennas and desensitization are important considerations. The CST Studio Suite Interference Task allows virtual testing of multiple component configurations and automatic flagging of potential interference issues. Potential sources of crosstalk between communication channels, and other SI/PI and EMC/EMI issues on the PCB, can be also simulated and resolved with CST Studio Suite.

Benefits and Differentiators in 5G

  • Library of designable antenna models for rapid synthesis, modeling, and simulation
  • Electromagnetic simulation at up to 10x the speed of other simulation approaches
  • Complete multiphysics portfolio including structural, thermal and fluids for co-simulation
  • Simulate full 5G systems in their environment, including the human body
  • High fidelity design exploration via Design of Experiments capabilities
  • High-Performance Computing to explore alternate designs in parallel and meet short product timelines
  • Utilize the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to manage complex data and design variations

Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s) of 5G

  • SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)
  • Desense
  • TRP (Total Radiated Power)
  • TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity)
  • CDF (Cumulative Distribution Function)
  • EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power)

End Users

  • Antenna Design Engineers
  • EMI/EMC Compliance Engineer
  • SI/PI Engineer
  • RF requirements Engineer

Vias3D provides software sales and consulting services for the design and development of antennas and ensures meeting of antenna certification, EMI/EMC compliance requirements for 5G, and device electronics performance analysis like SI/PI. We help 5G OEM and Supply chain addressing their needs and challenges in the 5G product development cycle. Apart from performing detailed analysis we also provide professional-grade detailed reports clearly explaining our analysis models and results. As a value addition, we also provide companies develop their own 5G simulation team through software sales and training.

I would be happy to discuss your needs. Please drop me a message at  [email protected]

Contributor: Pankaj Jha, Senior EMAG Solution Consultant at Vias3D

He is an RF and Microwave engineer with more than 7 years of academic and industrial experience in modeling and simulation of different types of electromagnetics problems. He has worked in areas of Antenna, Antenna Array, Filter Design, Microwave and RF circuits from GHz to THz, bio-electromagnetics, EMI/EMC, EDA/Electronics and Low-Frequency Electromagnetic problems. He provides technical support and engineering services to customers and helps drive the growth of Vias3D electromagnetic solutions. He worked with Dassault Systèmes as Solution Consultant and was responsible for Aerospace & Defense and High-Tech industry technical portfolios for CST Studio Suite. He is a graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D), where he studied Radio Frequency Design and Technology.

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