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Introduction to Isight

Isight is a Process Integration and Design Optimization ( PIDO ) software framework, which enables various applications to be easily integrated. With Isight you can create flexible simulation process flows to automate the exploration of design alternatives and identification of optimal performance parameters. This course comprehensively covers the Design and Runtime Gateways along with several fundamental components, exposing users to the ways in which a workflow can be built in Isight and the ways in which the design space can be explored. Objectives Upon completion of this course you will be able to: - Automate a series of functions to create a Sim-flow - Add components to a Sim-flow - Set up the core component - Configure components to pass data to/from each other - Execute a Sim-flow - Visualize Sim-flow results - Evaluate design alternatives - Create a Sim-flow to capture a process, by integrating various software in the company. - Perform Design Optimization and gain Design Space understanding by using various techniques such as DOE, Optimization, Monte Carlo etc.
Who Should Attend : Simulation Analysts
Location : Online
Class Language : English
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