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Writing User Subroutines with Abaqus

This course explains when to consider the use of such user subroutines and how to approach their development. Detailed descriptions are given of the data required for these subroutines, the additional statements to be included and the variables that are available within the routine. Particular attention is paid to highlighting good practice in user subroutine development. Objectives In this course you will learn about: - When and how to use subroutines - DLOAD, VDLOAD, and UTRACLOAD for specifying user-defined loading - FILM for specifying user-defined film conditions - USDFLD and VUSDFLD for defining field variable dependence - UVARM for defining a user output variable - UHYPER for modeling hyperelastic materials - UMAT and VUMAT for allowing constitutive models to be added to the program - UEL and VUEL for allowing the creation of user defined elements
Who Should Attend : This course is recommended for engineers with experience using Abaqus
Location : Online
Class Language : English
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