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Structural Compliance of Electric Vehicle Battery Pack

Integrating Laser Scan Data into FEA Model to Perform Level 3 FFS

ORS 2022-Tibial implant analysis using patient specific data

Simulation Study of Brake System Performance

Electromagnetic Simulations for Aerospace Applications

Fatigue Analysis of Subsea Cladded Vessel using fe-safe

SPE Annual Blow Molding Conference 2017

Reliability based Design Optimization of Steel-Concrete Structure

Realistic simulation using FEA tools to design and optimize plastics

Realistic Simulation solutions for Design, Optimization, and fabrication of Plastics

Simulation of transient temperature and stress field in the polymer extrusion additive manufacturing processes

Additive Manufacturing Process Simulation and Generative Design-Production of Functional Parts

Design Optimization of Safety Critical Component for Fatigue and Strength Using Simulation and Data Analytics

ABAQUS 2018 Technical Update

Knee Simulation using ABAQUS

Design optimization of BOP for fatigue and strength in HPHT environment using Isight and FE-Safe

Using MpCCI to model Fluid-Structure-Interactions with ABAQUS and 3rd party CFD Tools

Simulation in the CPG-retail Industry

Vias3D services and capabilities

What is Data Analysis and Machine Learning?

FEA Based Pipe Stress Analysis – Introduction To Pipe Calculation System (PCS)

CFD simulation Capabilities for marine / offshore Applications

Analysis of ERDIP joint at fault using Abaqus – A case study for simulation based product qualification

Reliability Based Design Optimization of Primary Shield Structure Under Seismic Loading

Fracture Reliability

Transforming Medical Device Development Using Simulation

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