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The 3DEXPERIENCE roles using marine and off-shore are vast in application. When ordering roles for manufacturing of any kind M&O is worth taking a look at. Buying some of the larger packages is cheaper than roles that have fewer apps. Take SSEMO, for example, a huge bargain given the ability for analysis. More and more customers are asking about electrical – look at OU3SM – this same role could be used in robotics systems through aerospace.

When looking at your customer needs please investigate these options and compare the roles you think they need and see if any of these work. The lines between design and simulation are disappearing as a dynamic approach to design requires real-time simulation. In a world of Agile Development working and collaborating on the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud makes more and more sense.

As always, the experts here at Vias3D are available to guide you through what makes the most practical and economic sense for your business. Contact us.




This article was written by Glenn Larson is the Senior NC Sales Engineer at Vias Corp.

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