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E²G is a technology-driven company that solves engineering problems.

VIAS3D has partnered with E²G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. to bring the best in both for our customers!

E²G is a technology-driven company that solves engineering problems. Their consulting services and software are focused on finding answers to challenging industry problems, while promoting safety and reducing risk to people, equipment, and the environment. While VIAS3D provides integrated engineering solutions using virtual design experience and data analytics in a variety of industries, with an objective to prevent repetitive design-related business interruption and to provide cost effective, quick, and safer designs with an experienced team.

E²G leverages technology and industry experience to extend the safe operating life of new and aging equipment by helping to prevent future failures, increase efficiencies, reduce downtime, maximize reliability, and minimize damage. E²G helps clients improve profitability by managing risk and controlling inspection costs throughout a facility’s life cycle

AREAS OF EXPERTISE that E²G will bring along:

  • Materials & Corrosion
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Mechanical & Structural Engineering
  • Pressure Relief & Process Design
  • Risk-Based Inspection
  • Rotating Equipment, Vibration, & Dynamics
  • Software & Tools
  • Equity Engineering Practices
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