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Transportation & Mobility Services

Transportation industries are going through major changes with the advent of electric/autonomous vehicles in the market and a continuous demand for performance driven design for conventional IC-engine based automobiles. Our long experience in design-simulation integration, aptitude in handling Multiphysics problems, battery /electrical systems, and crash/impact analysis helps us provide modeling solutions to clients from transport industries who prioritize safety, comfort and performance based on current market demand all over the world.


  • Strength & durability analysis: Powertrain, chassis, transmission system, interiors, electric vehicle
  • Crash Analysis: Frontal crash, rear crash, roof crash, side crash, seat belt anchorage, FMVSS & ECR regulation
  • Noise & Vibration: Natural frequency, steady state dynamics, random response, Ride and comfort, acoustics
  • Automotive Components: Tire, brake, axel, suspension, steering, bumper, seat, differential, bushing, engine, piston, connecting rod, crank shaft
  • Battery: Crush, penetration, short circuit, thermal management, life


  • Powertrain Lubrication Performance: Gearbox lubrications, Engine Piston cooling, Electric drive cooling
  • Vehicle Wading & Hydroplaning: Vehicle wading in pool of water, Tire hydroplaning in both deformed and undeformed state of tire
  • Fuel System Engineering: Fuel tank sloshing, tank refueling
  • External Aerodynamics: Overtaking, Drive in Crosswind flows
  • Painting/E-Coating: Painting of BIW (Body-In-White), Drying of Paints
  • Water Management: Rain simulations in Climate wind tunnels, Windshield wiper analysis, Dirt management, Cowl Ingestion, Flooding
  • Underhood Thermal Management: Engine room, coolant flow, Radiator fan
  • Vehicle Heat Protection: Cabin-comfort, fire-wall protection
  • Exhaust System: After treatment analysis, Acoustic analysis of Mufflers, Porous media flows


  • Communication Performance: Entertainment/communication systems, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wireless charging, tire pressure monitoring…. Antenna, antenna-array, RF-desense
  • ADAS / AV Sensors Performance: Phased array antennas, installed performance, sensors, real world effects investigation (dirt, rain, snow), sensors position optimization
  • Electric Drive Design: Battery simulation, electric motor, power electronics (inverter), wireless charging
  • SI and PI Performance: Connectors, eye diagram, crosstalk, PDN noise and efficiency optimization, current flow at high frequencies
  • Wire Harness Design: Electromagnetic emissions, shielding, interference and crosstalk effects, ESD, integration of power supply lines and sensitive data lines
  • EMC / EMI Analysis: Compliance and safety requirements, EM interference immunity, SAR, interference mitigation, shielding/enclosure design

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