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Marine & Offshore

Providing end-to-end continuity from beginning idea to ship in service demands collaborative engineering, simulation, manufacturing, and business processes in a single, collaborative, value creation chain.

The Marine and Offshore Industry operates in harsh environments, including a wide range of air and water temperatures, such as: high pressure conditions, salt water, aggressive sea-states, and the presence of floating obstacles, such as ice chunks. Regulations, safety standards, survivability, reliability and durability must be satisfied and balanced against weight, efficiency, environmental impacts and costs.

VIAS3D provides integrated, innovative, and cost-effective engineering and software solutions to perform an Abaqus Unified FEA realistic simulation along a multi-discipline framework in the Marine and Offshore industry. These solutions enable the multi-disciplinary, cross-functional collaboration required to reduce design cycles, optimize designs in real time and provide increased value to businesses and a safer, more efficacious product for end users.

The effective employment of realistic simulation is absolutely essential to the success of any design/development/evaluation process for marine systems.

Solutions and Applications

  • Ship Structures
  • Marine Structures
  • Component Analysis
  • Oil & Gas


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