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Electromagnetic & Electromechanical Simulation Software

  • Opera complements the existing SIMULIA EM portfolio with its strength in low frequency simulation, which is extremely useful for the design of magnets, electric motors and other electrical machines.
  • Is a Finite Element Analysis software suite which includes dedicated 2D and 3D pre- and post-processing environments for problem definition and results analysis.
  • Opera’s solvers have been designed and refined over the decades to be efficient, robust and as accurate as computing resources allow.
  • Components or assemblies can be imported from an existing CAD system, or created using Opera’s built-in 2D sketcher, or 3D Modeller.
  • Multiphysics software not only to aid in the design of electromagnetic/electromechanical devices but other physics, such as structural stress and thermal.


Cra 13b # 147-84 Bogotá, Colombia.

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