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Delivering realistic simulation applications

SIMULIA applications accelerate the process of evaluating the performance, reliability and safety of materials and products before committing to physical prototypes

Why our customers enjoy using scientific simulation solutions?

Enabling real-world behaviour of products for strength & stiffness, electromagnetic performance, thermal management, aerodynamics & aeroacoustics, durability, and noise & vibration.

Predict realistic behavior of your products in a high fidelity Multiphysics environment using world-class technologies.

Abaqus Unified FEA for structural performance; and PowerFLOW for accurate CFD simulation.

CST Studio Suite software for Electromagnetic analysis.

Benefit from sustainable solutions & walk towards Sustainable Innovation while reducing carbon footprint.

Car manufacturers are using simulation to optimize high-Performance battery innovation and accelerating the development of EVs, thus achieving their decarbonization targets.

Wind turbines power sustainable innovation as they evolve to be environmentally friendly. Simulation helps optimize their mechanical, aerodynamic and aeroacoustics with simulation performance while considering sustainability goals.

Alternatives such as plastics and composites are proving as a key business strategy across industries to reduce costs and improve performance through multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization, with a reliable & robust simulation technology.

Achieve lightweighting targets by deploying powerful simulation and optimization technologies to sift through numerous virtual design alternatives efficiently and selecting the optimal one.

Minimizing simulation turnaround times

Unmatched parallel scaling capabilities of Abaqus are highlighted in a study by Dana, showcasing how to hit the cost-performance sweet spot with Abaqus solvers on HPC.

Accessing accurate results anytime anywhere

BMW, in their benchmark study, showed how accurate and reliable Abaqus solvers are under different modeling and execution scenarios.

Reducing licensing and hardware costs

The unique token model of Abaqus provides better cost-performance outcomes at higher number of cores.

Abaqus is cloud-ready, for those who want to move from on-premise hardware

Reference: “High Performance Computing and CAE within a modern Engineering Environment” by Dana Incorporated.

Reference: “Predictive Crashworthiness Simulation in a Virtual Design Process without Hardware Testing” by BMW Group.

Reference: “Cloud-Based High Performance Computing” by Dassault Systèmes

Modelling & Simulation - The ideal match in engineering.

Empower the next-gen of innovative engineers by embedding powerful, easy-to-use simulation technology within the design process much earlier in the lifecycle.

Create a seamless and immersive user experience without any barriers between the separate worlds of design and simulation.