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Industrial Equipment Services

In VIAS3D, with our mastery in scientific simulation, we can help our clients from concept-development to efficiency evaluation, from design-optimization to data validation, and from heavy equipment to small scale industrial appliances. We have provided modeling support for flow rates improvement, pressure-drops, mixing efficiency, heat transfer of systems, interference compliance, EM filed exposure, multibody contact analysis, fatigue and fracture failure (including meshfree methods such as XFEM) of critical components within the broad spectrum of industrial equipment.


  • Additive Manufacturing: Modeling micro-mechanical behavior of AM, improve-in-service performance
  • Turbomachinery: Rotordynamics analysis for bearings, turbines, jet engines, compressor and motors, beams, and shaft
  • Tires: Traction, wear, wet grip, noise, aerodynamic drag
  • Gears: Contact stress, gear-tooth damage, gear-profile design
  • Turbofan: Noise reduction, aerodynamics analysis
  • Welding joints: Fatigue and thermal stress analysis
  • Heavy machineries: Durability and crack analysis (excavators, dump trucks, mining and construction equipment)


  • Industrial Fans and Blowers: Design, efficiency and performance analysis, fan-curve prediction
  • Fluid Machineries: Failure analysis (Pumps, mixers, valves), thermal analysis
  • Polymer melts, molds: Non-Newtonian flow analysis


  • Equipment Electromagnetic Performance: Sensor simulation/positioning, RF-ID antenna tags, EMC/EMI compliance, SAR
  • Industrial Processes: Induction heating/hardening, microwave heating/drying, welding and lithography

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