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Life Sciences Services

Our simulation experts have handled numerous projects in the field of life sciences from advanced biotech industries to sophisticated biomedical implants, and patient care. With that comprehensive knowledge of implant-tissue interface behavior, advanced material modeling, flow and contact analysis inside the human body and the effects of electromagnetic fields on human organs, we offer modeling solutions for patient-specific design, stability analysis and service-life estimation for biomedical devices.


  • Stents: Cardiovascular, bile ducts, urinary tracts, etc.
  • Orthopedic implants: Hip, knee, shoulder, elbow with materials ranging from commonly used stainless steel to Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), Total Knee Replacement (TKR), implant constraint, wear simulations
  • Tissue: Porous, permeable, soft and hard tissue behavior
  • Drug delivery and surgical equipment: Complex and minimal invasive procedures (Endoscopic surgery), Syringe (needle-soft tissue interactions)
  • Pharmaceuticals: Powder (modeled as granular material) compaction used in tableting process using MD and DEM simulations


  • Blood flows: Pulsatile flows in Aorta, Blood flow in Arterio-Venous Fistulae systems, blood flow through cardiovascular medical device, Hemodynamics
  • Sniff & Sneeze, Cough: Flow dynamics of nasal-cavity flow, and flow of expelled mucus
  • Heart-Valve: Flow and performance analysis
  • Aneurysms: Blood flow inside aneurysm
  • Drug Delivery: Inhaler design, arrhythmias, cardiac simulator
  • Medical Equipment Design: Incubator design, blood pump design
  • Disease Diagnostics: Breathing difficulties, sleep apnea
  • Pharmaceuticals: Tablet coating process, bulk drug mixers, sparged bio-reactor


  • Human Simulation Models: Cole-Cole model fitting, Bioheat calculation
  • Medical Imaging: MRI, gradient, main and RF coils, quenching, external shielding, bioheat, SAR, visualization of EM fields inside the human body
  • Treatment: Thermal ablation, treatment planning, hyperthermia, active implants EMI simulations
  • Smart Health: Connected medical devices, remote patient monitoring, body sensors, wearable antennas, pacemaker

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