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Simulation Automation Services

Process automation helps industries to achieve faster production and provides a parametric flexibility for repetitive tasks and makes the overall workflow more efficient. Many industries need multiple divisions and subdivisions of their process streamline. Automation can be also used to identify and fix the possible design flaws way ahead of the actual production of a component. Besides the feedback loop, process automation tools (e.g., SIMULIA Process Composer) can also be used as a work-flow controller by moderating multiple steps and coordinating information transfer among them.

  • Isight: Material calibration (Material model selection, experimental and simulation data matching, error optimization)
  • Scripting: Design modifications, simulation result visualization and interpretation, Parametric studies
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI): Development of customized interface to run complex simulation in the background based on user input data


In Abaqus with the help of python scripting plug-ins can be created. A plug-in is a piece of software that installs itself into another application to extend the capabilities of that application. Abaqus plug-ins execute Abaqus Scripting Interface and Abaqus GUI Toolkit commands, and they provide a way to customize Abaqus/CAE for a particular needs or preferences. Few Abaqus plug-ins are listed below:

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