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Digital Transformation Services

Our team of engineers, data analysts, coders, and full-stack developers, and 3DEXPERIENCE experts can help you with digital transformation of your business processes with the introduction of digital twin technology that will help improve design and engineering, manufacturing, and operational performance by deploying a virtual model of the real-world products, processes, and assets. Through the linking of real-time operational data with cloud-based collaboration across the value chain and for the duration of the asset life, logistical obstacles can be identified early on and prepared for, wasteful redundancy can be lowered, and greater overall economic output can be achieved. All this can be done in a sustainable way without compromising health, safety, and quality.

As digital twins are also expected to exploit both data and physics based high-fidelity computational methods, there is a compelling case for the use of surrogate models in this context. Using data analytics tools, our team can help develop surrogate models within the digital twin technology. We can define digital surrogate, explore their relationships to simulation, artificial intelligence, and IoT. With the implementation of automation tools, we can make the overall workflow democratized, templatized, and more efficient increasing the productivity of the end user. Further, by developing cloud-based applications such as webtools, publishing existing calculation tools (i.e. Excel, VBA), creating object-oriented representation of data, we can assist you with your goal for a digital future. We also have resources for software testing, CAD conversion, and data entry to accelerate your onboarding process.

Contact us for free consultation if you are interested in implementing digital twin, and looking for a partner with the knowhow and the right experience.

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