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Additive Manufacturing Services

Additive manufacturing (AM) technology has already gained popularity for designing complex geometric structures and easy manufacturability. These technologies are now becoming more cost-effective day by day in a variety of industries. AM can help with completely new innovative design changes for an existing model and improve production efficiency with optimized design and efficient customization.

With an in-depth theoretical knowledge and multiple years of experience in AM simulation, we can provide simulation support for:

  • Structural analysis: Thermal, static, dynamic and coupled analysis, residual stress, crack propagation and fracture modeling, in-build crack propagation, recoated interference

  • Material modeling: Calibration, nonlinearity, user-specific material, evolution, performance, multi-scale lattice downscaling/ upscaling (material properties via fe homogenization, grain morphology)

  • Manufacturing Industries: Concept driven designs (thermal and residual stress), heat treatment, machining
  • Bio-medical implant/ devices: Patient specific design, customer-specific materials, sophisticated and complex geometry (spinal cage, bone)
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